Private Equity

  • Cayman LLCs – Set Up, Uses and Lessons from the First Year

    In July 2016 the new Cayman Islands Limited Liability Company (“LLC“) was introduced. This new vehicle, which shares many of the advantages of LLC in other jurisdictions has become extremely popular with fund managers, as a joint venture vehicle, tax blocker and holding entity.  In this course we will compare the LLC to various other entities to highlight its potential uses and advantages as well as review the lessons learned after a year of forming and using this new entity type.

    05 Dec, 2017

  • Cayman Private Equity Funds – Structures, Issues and Solutions


    Throughout Asia, Cayman Islands structures continue to be the most common vehicles for private equity funds. This course will provide a practical guide to private equity fund formation, discuss what Cayman Islands structures are used and why, what to consider in determining the structure that best suits a particular project, as well as various other issues such as the evolving regulatory environment in which these structures operate.

    28 Mar, 2019

  • Corporate Venture Capital

    Corporate venture capital is becoming a lucrative way for corporations to gain footholds in new markets and generate insight in up-and-coming technologies. Structuring the investment terms of these ventures is perhaps one of the most important considerations. The following course will provide information on best practices for structuring these agreements.

    25 Jun, 2019

  • Introduction to Offshore Funds


    Many funds choose to be domiciled in an offshore jurisdiction. This course will examine different structures available for both hedge funds and private equity funds in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The following course will provide an overview of the latest developments, trends and regulatory updates in these popular offshore jurisdictions.

    30 Oct, 2018