Cayman LLCs – Set Up, Uses and Lessons from the First Year

In July 2016 the new Cayman Islands Limited Liability Company (“LLC“) was introduced. This new vehicle, which shares many of the advantages of LLC in other jurisdictions has become extremely popular with fund managers, as a joint venture vehicle, tax blocker and holding entity.  In this course we will compare the LLC to various other entities to highlight its potential uses and advantages as well as review the lessons learned after a year of forming and using this new entity type.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • What is an LLC?
  • Key Features
    • Basic Structure
    • Delaware limited liability company vs. Cayman LLC
    • LLC vs exempted limited partnership
    • LLC vs company
    • LLC vs SPC
    • Set up and documentation
  • Transitioning to the Cayman LLC
  • Lessons from the first year
  • Tips and trends


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