Cayman Issues and Alternatives When Structuring PE and VC Funds

In the Asia region, the majority of Private Equity (“PE”) and Venture Capital (“VC”) funds are structured using Cayman Islands vehicles.  Although the “gold standard” structure for these kinds of funds is, and remains, the exempted limited partnership, structural alternatives (including LLCs, SPC and (in Japan in particular) trusts) are no longer outliers.  This course will provide a comprehensive overview of issues and considerations when structuring PE and VC funds in the Cayman Islands as well as some of the advantages and pitfalls associated with the various structures available.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Overview of VC and PE funds
  • Drivers for structures
  • Factors influencing choice of vehicle
  • Overview of alternative structures:
    • Corporate Structure
    • Segregated Portfolio Companies
    • Exempted Limited Partnership Structure
    • Limited Liability Company
  • Advantages and Pitfalls of Choosing Certain Vehicles
  • Dealing with Some of the Problems
  • Recent Developments and Take Home Messages

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