General FAQs

Top General FAQs:

How can I search a course via your website?

All our regular CPD/CPT courses are listed by date on our All Courses page.

There are several ways to search for specific courses and or topics :

1. Search “by categories” – Courses are sorted into different categories according to the nature of the topics. Click on the drop down menu beside the words “Filter Results” and select “Category” to filter courses “by categories”.

2. Search “by date” – Courses are categorized according to the month it is held. Click on the drop down menu beside the words “Filter Results” and select “by date” and the courses will be listed out by date with the most recent month first. Alternatively, you may click on the Calendar View icon to view the courses in a calendar format.

3. Search “by keywords” – Simply type a keyword in the course search bar and a list of related courses or speakers will then show up.

How can I register/book a course?

There are several ways to register/book a course:

1. Via our website – you can first select the course you would like to register. Click “Register Now” and complete the registration form and submit online.

2. By email- you may email us at registration@courses-seminars.com stating the course name and course code with your contact information.

3. By mail – you may complete the registration form in our course brochure or any individual course pamphlets and then mail it back to us together with the payment.

4. By fax – you may complete the registration form in our course brochure or any individual course pamphlets and fax it back to us at 2901-1332.

How do I know if my registration has been accepted?

We will reserve a seat for you after we have received your registration form submitted via our website, by mail or by fax. However, your seat will only be confirmed after you have paid for the course. Upon our receipt of your payment, we will then send you a confirmation by email. We will not inform you of your registration status unless the course you have registered is already fully booked.

What if a course is already fully booked?

We will notify you by phone and will put you on our waiting list for the course. If there is any cancellation before the course, we will notify you immediately.

How can I obtain a course brochure?

Course brochures are available to view and print online, please see the specific course for details. Alternatively, if you prefer to receive the brochure regularly in mail, please send us your mailing information and we will add you onto our mailing list.

What methods of payment does C&S accept?

We accept payment by cheques or cash. You can also direct transfer your payment to our HSBC account (Account No.: 102-437431-001). Please fax us back the deposit slip for reference after such transfer has been made.

How do I cancel my course?

Delegates who cannot attend a course must notify Courses & Seminars in writing at least 48 hours before the course commences.

If the notification is received in writing at least 48 hours before the course commences, (a) where course fees have not been paid, the registration will be cancelled; and (b) where course fees have been paid, the fees paid can be applied toward another CPD / CPT course, executive course or inhouse conference during the next 6 months (extended to the last day of that month). Please note that you will need to register for the new course in the usual manner prior to attending.

If the notification is received less than 48 hours but not less than 3 hours before the course commences (a) where course fees have not been paid, then 50% of the course fees will remain payable and an invoice will be issued for such payment due; and (b) where course fees have been paid, the remaining fees (less 50% course fees as administration charge) can be applied towards another CPD / CPT course, executive course or inhouse conference during the next 6 months (extended to the last day of that month). Please note that you will need to register for the new course in the usual manner prior to attending.

Can I cancel a course and get a full refund?

Course fees are not refundable. However, if you notify Courses & Seminars of your cancellation in writing at least 48 hours before the course commences, the fees paid can be applied toward another CPD / CPT course, executive course or inhouse conference during the next 6 months (extended to the last day of that month).

I just completed a course. When will I receive my certificate? What do I do if I don't receive it?

The course fees included the issuing of a certificate of attendance. Generally, in order to receive the certificate, you must request for one. If you request for the certificate before the start of the course, you can pick it up at the end of the course. If you request for a certificate after the course, we will send it to you within 2 weeks of your request.

Executive Courses / Inhouse Training and Conferences FAQs

Executive Courses / Inhouse Training and Conferences FAQs

What are Executive Courses?

Executive courses are dedicated to provide practical and comprehensive training to our delegates by designing in-depth and detailed courses with practical case studies, exercises and interactive discussions.

Can I cancel an executive course / inhouse conference and get a full refund ?

A 100% refund (less HK$300 handling fee per participant) of the executive course / inhouse conference fee will be given for cancellations by you, written notice of which must reach our office at least 7 days before the start of the executive course / inhouse conference. A 50% refund will be given if cancellation notice is received between 2 – 6 days before the start of the executive course / conference. No refund will be given for cancellations received within 2 days before the start of the executive course / conference.

Can I cancel a hotel conference and get a full refund?

100% refund (less HK$300 handling fee per participant) of the conference fee will be given for cancellations by the registrant, written notice of which must reach our office at least 14 days before the start of the conference. A 50% refund will be given if cancellation notice is received between 7 – 13 days before the start of the conference. No refund will be given for cancellations received within 7 days before the start of the conference.

Accreditations FAQs

Accreditations FAQs

CPD LAW: What is CPD Law?

CPD Law refers to the Continuing Professional Development requirements established by the Law Society of Hong Kong (and some other jurisdictions). The Law Society of Hong Kong requires that a solicitor and a trainee solicitor must accumulate 15 CPD accreditation points in each CPD practice year. Generally, 1 CPD point will be awarded to 1 hour of lecture (excluding breaks) for courses, seminars and conferences in lecture style. For details on the CPD requirements of other jurisdictions you are encouraged to consult the relevant regulatory authority for more information.

As an accredited provider of The Law Society of Hong Kong, all of our courses are officially accredited by the Society. Kindly note that starting from the 1st November 2008, Law Society members are no longer required to scan their membership cards to record course attendance. However, please remember to update your training records.

Please also note that the Law Society has revised the attendance policy with effect from November 2008, a practitioner should not claim any CPD points if he is absent (excluding scheduled breaks) for more than 10 minutes for a course of less than 3 hours or for more than 30 minutes for a course of 3 hours or more in duration.

If you arrive late and leave early in the same course, the grace period or partial award of CPD points will not apply. In such case, no CPD points will be awarded for that course.


CPT SFC is the “Continuous Professional Training” programme for licencees under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”). All licencees registered under the SFC are required to obtain 5 CPT hours fro each of their licence by the end of each year. Please refer to the Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training of the SFC.

CPT SFC: How do I obtain CPT hours from courses organized by Courses & Seminars Limited?

Our courses can fulfill CPT requirements. The SFC has advised that although formal endorsement will not be given for the training we provide, it does not mean that the training programmes we organize do not meet the CPT purpose. You should note that your employer, as the corporate licencee of your SFC registration, is responsible for determining whether our courses or any training course satisfy CPT requirements i.e. that the training you receive are of appropriate standard and relevance to your maintaining and enhancing the technical knowledge and professional expertise. Please check with your employer before registering our courses. Any documentary evidence such as certificates of attendance should be kept for a minimum of 3 years and the SFC may request you/your company to provide same for supporting your CPT activities.

Courses & Seminars Limited does not warrant that the attendance of our courses would automatically be recognized by the SFC as fulfilling your CPT requirements.

You may refer to the SFC (www.sfc.hk) for more details.


CE IFPHK is the “Continuing Education” requirements for members of Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong (“IFPHK”). All Certified Financial Planners (“CFP”) registered under IFPHK are required to obtain 15 CE credits every year. Please refer to IFPHK (www.ifphk.org) for more details.

CE IFPHK: How do I obtain CE credits from courses organized by Courses & Seminars Limited for CE IFPHK purposes?

Courses which marked “CE IFPHK” are formally accredited by IFPHK. Please note that you will need to attend the WHOLE course in order to obtain the CE IFPHK credits. Please make sure that you sign in and sign out as evidence of attendance. Any documentary evidence such as certificates of attendance should be kept for a minimum of 2 years and the IFPHK may request you/your company to provide same for supporting your CE activities. Please refer to IFPHK for more details.

CPD ACCOUNTANTS: What is CPD Accountants?

CPD Accountants is the “Continuing Professional Development” programme for members of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”).  Please refer to HKICPA (www.hkicpa.org.hk) for more details.

CPD ACCOUNTANTS: How do I obtain CPD hours from course organized by Courses & Seminars Limited for Accountants purpose?

As HKICPA approve / accredit all courses which are accredited by The Law Society of Hong Kong, our courses should qualify for CPD points of HKICPA.  Please make sure that you sign in and sign out as evidence of attendance.  You may be required to submit any documentary evidence such as certificates of attendance upon request from HKICPA.

CPD DIRECTORS: What is CPD Directors?

CPD Directors is the “Continuing Professional Development” programme for members of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“HKIoD”).  Please refer to HKIoD (www.hkiod.com) for more details.



What is ICA?

The International Compliance Association (ICA) is a professional organisation with a global membership. It is the leading provider of professional certificated qualifications and training in anti money laundering (AML), compliance and fraud/financial crime prevention. For novice and experienced practitioners alike, the ICA’s internationally recognized certificate and diploma courses are a benchmark of excellence. The qualifications enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals, improve business practice and minimise risk.

For more information on ICA please visit http://www.int-comp.org

For information on the ICA Certificate programmes that C&S offers please go to: [ INSERT LINK TO CERTIFICATE PROGRAMMES PAGE]

Do I have to attend workshops if these are available?

Workshops are not mandatory and do not carry any assessment element, however, the ICA strongly recommends that delegates take the workshop option as the benefits to be obtained from attending the workshops, meeting the tutors face to face, networking with other delegates and hearing their experiences cannot be underestimated.

There is no reduction of fees should a delegate elect not to attend part or all of a workshop.

Should you wish to speak with a delegate who has previously attended the workshops to obtain a first hand impression of these events please contact the admin team and we will do our best to put you in touch with someone in your jurisdiction (if available).

I am a graduate who has just left university with no relevant experience – should I get a relevant job and then enroll onto a diploma programme or enroll onto the programme anyway?

The diploma programmes are aimed at those who are practitioners within the industry however we have had many successful delegates who have either been considering a transfer into financial services or into the Compliance area from other areas of the industry or indeed undergraduates with no specific experience.

It has to be said that for those not currently working in the industry or with limited experience the learning curve may be somewhat steeper than for those currently practicing. Much depends on the individual delegate’s dedication to the course and the additional research which may need to be undertaken if you are in this situation.

Assignments within the course and case studies within the exam are often scenario based and sometimes for those who are not currently involved in the industry this can be somewhat more difficult to tackle. However, many past delegates in these circumstances have done very well and as mentioned above it really depends on the dedication and effort of the individual. ICT will give every assistance to those who are inexperienced or not currently within the industry, and many delegates who have completed the diplomas offer to act as mentors to new delegates, which can be arranged on request.

Consideration should also be given to the fact that many employers sponsor delegates to the programme if they are in full time employment (occasionally employers will “bond” employees who have been sponsored for this and any other training and this is worth ascertaining before accepting such sponsorship).

Obtaining the diploma is a useful addition to your CV and indicates that you have reached the appropriate benchmark for the industry in this specific area, but, as with any other qualification, in no way guarantees you employment which as always will be based on individual merit and “fit” with an organisation and role

Is it possible to provide some examples of the assessments set?

Assignments are formal written papers with a 2500 minimum word count and a 3500 maximum word count and tend to be based around work related scenarios such as preparing for a regulatory visit or undertaking an annual review. Delegates have to complete two assignments for the Diploma Programmes.

Examination questions tend to be a mixture of case study or scenario based and those of a more technical/specific nature and aim to cover the entire course syllabus within each exam.

An example exam question paper, suggested answers and a limited number of past exam papers are available to delegates on the ICT web site for the International Diploma in Compliance.

A past assignment is utilised at the briefing session and often within the workshops as learning exercises to assist delegates with assignment techniques.

All delegates are provided with a guidance note on marking within the Study Handbook which is intended to provide a broad description of the factors to be considered and level of attainment expected when writing assignments and exams.

What prep do I need to do before the first workshop?

Ideally you should have familiarized yourself with the overall layout of the course manual and identified any further readings that might be of particular importance to you and have read, at least once, the modules/units to be covered at the workshop.

However if you have not had sufficient time to achieve this do not worry. You should still attend the workshop as the sessions do not simply revisit the course materials but provide delegates with interactive group exercises and case studies based on (but not repeating) the course materials in order to build a depth and breadth of understanding.

Do I need to bring my course materials to each workshop and if so what?

Not unless you wish to do so. Any materials required for the day will be provided within the Workshop Note packs provided on the day. Occasionally you may find it useful either to be able to refer to the main text or make appropriate notes in your own manual during the workshop. You do not need to bring the appendices with you (although you can do so if you prefer). Should a group exercise require that you bring a specific appendix with you this will be advised ahead of the workshop and the facilitator should also have additional copies available at the event.

Is any discount applied to the programmes?

No. We have stopped offering membership discount and group discount for ICA diploma courses from May 2018 onwards.  The instalment option is still available, providing you with an option to pay the tuition fee by 3 instalments.  You may refer to the fee schedule for details.