• Urban Renewal (transformation of old town, old factory and old village): A New Model for Land Acquisition in Mainland China

    *Please note this course will be conducted in Mandarin*

    Due to the rapid expansion of first-tier cities and tight land supply policies in mainland China, real estate developers, especially foreign-owned enterprises, find increasingly difficult to acquire land through traditional land acquisition methods, namely, bid, auction and listing. Under such circumstance, urban renewal becomes an alternative for land acquisitions. However, the procedure of urban renewal is relatively complicated, which requires professional knowledge and practical experience in governmental approval process, confirmation of property title, dismantlement and so forth.  This course demonstrates advantages of urban renewal as a land acquisition method, introduces the general procedure of urban renewal in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen and other major cities, and lists several main practical points which real estate developers and PE firms need to pay close attention.

    20 Oct, 2017

  • [RME Elective] Setting Up a Compliance System

    Money laundering and terrorist financing (“ML/TF”) can present significant compliance, reputational and operational risks for corporations and have an economic impact on most businesses. In an effort to combat ML and TF, regulators have implemented enhanced standards. Establishing an effective compliance system in your institution is imperative to ensure compliance and avoid risks. The following course will explain the essentials when setting up a compliance system at your organization.

    23 May, 2017

  • 《證券及期貨條例》第XV 部 – 披露權益: 上市公司董事及股東須知 Disclosure of Interests: Part XV of the SFO – Essentials for Directors and Shareholders of a Listed Company

    *Please note this course will be conducted in Cantonese*

    Although the Disclosure of Interest regime under the SFO has been in place for over 14 years, it is still a minefield for many, in particular for those substantial shareholders, directors, chief executives who are required by law to disclose their interests in a listed company secretaries, financial controllers or legal counsels who may have to assist in preparing these forms. This course will give a comprehensive overview of the current disclosure of interests regime under the SFO, concentrating on the requirements for directors and shareholders of listed companies.

    23 Sep, 2017

  • 儲值支付工具的資金存管及反洗錢管理 (Float Management & Anti-Money Laundering over Stored Value Facilities)

    FinTech refers to financial technology. It delivers financial services through technology to new areas, such as P2P transfers, E payments and cross border settlements. Stored Value Facilities (“SVF”) and Retail Payment System (“RPS”) are a subset of FinTech.
    Hong Kong has recently entered into a new regulatory regime for SVF and RPS. The regulatory change will put SVF and RPS issuers under regulated business category. This seminar will focus on the background, float management and AML concerns on running a SVF business in Hong Kong.

    23 Sep, 2016