• (Face to Face & Zoom) Notifiable Transactions Listing Rules: Chapter 14

    The purpose of Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules is to provide shareholders of listed companies and the general public timely disclosure of relevant information so that the public and the investors are kept fully informed of information necessary for them to appraise the position of the listed group.  It will also provide an opportunity for them to participate in major corporate decisions.  This course will provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of the current requirements in Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules by way of flowcharts and examples.

    15 May, 2020

  • *FULL* Client KYC & Suitability – An Update and Review

    In March 2016, a number of important developments relating to the framework for professional investors in Hong Kong became effective. Intermediaries now need to comply with additional regulatory requirements with respect to professional investors.

    In addition, the SFC proposed new client agreement requirements under the Code of Conduct. These proposed changes could have implications on the contractual relationship vis-à-vis an intermediary and its clients. There is a transitional period until 9 June 2017 when the changes will become fully effective but intermediaries are expected to already start the process to comply.

    This course will provide an overview of the relevant updates to the Professional Investor regime and the new client agreement requirements, as well as the practical implications of the changes for financial institutions and companies.

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    12 Oct, 2016

  • *FULL* Duties and Liabilities of Responsible Officers under the SFO

    All registered firms such as securities / futures companies, fund management firms, financial advisory companies and corporate finance firms will need to be licensed by the SFC to conduct regulated activities. Each licensed corporation requires 2 Responsible Officers (RO). How do you become an RO and what are the duties and liabilities for ROs?

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    11 Oct, 2016

  • *FULL* Introduction to Offshore Funds

    Many funds choose to be domiciled in an offshore jurisdiction. This course will examine different structures available for both hedge funds and private equity funds in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The following course will provide an overview of the latest developments, trends and regulatory updates in these popular offshore jurisdictions.

    03 Nov, 2017