Private Equity

  • (Online Via Zoom) Structuring Venture Capital Investments

    Venture capital investments typically involve early stage investment in companies in exchange for shares of the company. The most common investment structure is a partnership. But how exactly should it be formed? What considerations need to be made? What other options are available? The following course will explain the key aspects to consider when structuring your venture capital investments.  Please join K&L Gates Hong partner Scott Peterman in a deep dive into the seas of venture capital, where he will discuss the power law operating in venture capital, looking at trends in Asian markets. He will provide a sneak peek into how venture capital firms work and then explain best practices in structuring a venture capital investment using examples.

    12 Dec, 2022

  • (Online Via Zoom) Succession & Conflict in the Family Enterprise

    One of the most difficult issues facing family businesses in Asia and around the world is succession planning. A suitable process for addressing succession planning is critical for family businesses that want to continue to thrive for generations to come, and to minimize destructive family conflicts. Conflict in a family firm is inevitable and it cannot be avoided, but it can be managed, and it is important to understand that there are different kinds of conflicts. Conflict is often emotional in nature and cannot be avoided by a purely structural approach. This course describes a step by step process that business owning families can follow to improve trust & communication, strengthen their governance, address succession, and create options for managing family firm conflicts.

    18 Dec, 2020

  • *FULL* Introduction to Offshore Funds

    Many funds choose to be domiciled in an offshore jurisdiction. This course will examine different structures available for both hedge funds and private equity funds in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The following course will provide an overview of the latest developments, trends and regulatory updates in these popular offshore jurisdictions.

    03 Nov, 2017

  • Carried Interest and Profit Sharing Plans for Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Managers

    HFs and PEFs charge a performance fee and/or carried interest in addition to the management fee when fund managers produce returns beyond a certain hurdle / benchmark agreed with their investors which aligns the interest between the investors and the fund managers. This course will explore various compensation structures for HFs and PEFs and will use case studies to illustrate how this works.

    25 May, 2018

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