(Online Via Zoom) Succession & Conflict in the Family Enterprise

One of the most difficult issues facing family businesses in Asia and around the world is succession planning. A suitable process for addressing succession planning is critical for family businesses that want to continue to thrive for generations to come, and to minimize destructive family conflicts. Conflict in a family firm is inevitable and it cannot be avoided, but it can be managed, and it is important to understand that there are different kinds of conflicts. Conflict is often emotional in nature and cannot be avoided by a purely structural approach. This course describes a step by step process that business owning families can follow to improve trust & communication, strengthen their governance, address succession, and create options for managing family firm conflicts.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • The three-circle model of family businesses
  • Other tools & models for family businesses
  • Assessing the family system
  • Building the foundation of family governance
  • The family meeting & family council & board
  • Family policies and the family constitution
  • The process for successor selection
  • The importance of having an exit mechanism
  • Improving trust & communication
  • Improving trust & dealing with break downs in trust
  • Understanding different kinds of conflicts in family firms
  • Steps to de-escalate conflicts
  • Taking responsibility for yourself in the system
  • Case studies & discussion

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