Urban Renewal (transformation of old town, old factory and old village): A New Model for Land Acquisition in Mainland China

*Please note this course will be conducted in Mandarin*

Due to the rapid expansion of first-tier cities and tight land supply policies in mainland China, real estate developers, especially foreign-owned enterprises, find increasingly difficult to acquire land through traditional land acquisition methods, namely, bid, auction and listing. Under such circumstance, urban renewal becomes an alternative for land acquisitions. However, the procedure of urban renewal is relatively complicated, which requires professional knowledge and practical experience in governmental approval process, confirmation of property title, dismantlement and so forth.  This course demonstrates advantages of urban renewal as a land acquisition method, introduces the general procedure of urban renewal in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen and other major cities, and lists several main practical points which real estate developers and PE firms need to pay close attention.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Comparison of Land Acquisition Methods
    • Introduction and general procedures of traditional land acquisition method
    • Introduction and general procedures of land acquisition though urban renewal
    • Comparison
  • Implementation Procedure of Urban Renewal
    • Implementation procedure of urban renewal in Shenzhen
    • Implementation procedure of urban renewal in Guangdong Province
    • Implementation procedure of urban renewal in other cities
  • Essential Points During the Implementation of Urban Renewal
    • Threshold for the developer
    • Transaction and cooperation models ( feasible cooperation models and tax planning)
    • Issues raised by disposal of assets owned by collective enterprises
    • Confirmation of property title
    • Vacuation and compensation for tenants and occupiers
    • Payment of additional land premium
    • The transfer of (industrial) premises after the completion of urban renewal project

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