Notifiable Transactions Listing Rules: Chapter 14

The purpose of Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules is to provide shareholders of listed companies and the general public timely disclosure of relevant information so that the public and the investors are kept fully informed of information which is necessary for them to appraise the position of the listed group. It will also provide an opportunity for them to participate in major corporate decisions. This course will provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of the current requirements in Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules by way of flowcharts and examples.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Introduction: What is a Notifiable Transaction?
  • Five Tests
  • Modifications to Five Tests
  • Acquisition / Disposal of Equity Capital
  • Acquisition / Disposal of Assets through Non-Wholly Owned Subsidiary
  • Deemed Disposals
  • Requirements
  • Areas of Difficulty
  • Case Studies and Q&A

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