Anatomy of a law-enforcement or regulatory Dawn Raid

Regulators and law enforcement agencies have in recent times become more aggressive in investigating alleged large-scale corporate misconduct, bribery and fraud. This means that major executions of search warrants and the exercise of immediate arrest and interview powers (which together are features of what is commonly referred to as “dawn raids” conducted by law enforcement agencies and regulators) has become and could, for some time to come, continue to be more widespread. In this seminar, we will conduct a run through of some of the main practical issues associated with facing and handling a dawn raid, as well as follow-up work and issues in its aftermath. “War stories” from past experiences will be recounted along the way.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Law enforcement agencies and regulators involved in dawn raids
  • Overview of typical dawn raid powers
  • A closer look at search warrants (including case studies)
  • Responding to dawn raids:
    • What to do when officers arrive at the company’s offices?
    • What to do when officers arrive at the employees’ residential premises?
    • Can one avoid investigators roaming freely at offices?
    • Legal professional privilege claims?
    • Dealing with requests for assistance from arrested employees and officers
    • Publicity
  •  Post-execution follow-up

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