Evolution of the Family Office

Over the years family offices have grown in popularity. Along with this popularity, the traditional views and structures of family offices have changed. These private Offices offer the flexibility of numerous different structures that meet a variety of different needs. This course explains the growth and evolution of the family office concept into Hong Kong and China across jurisdictional, legal and regulatory definitions focuses on the scalability between single family offices and virtual family offices.

The speaker will also provide his own experiences and insights regarding family offices. Mr. Geary holds a Master’s degree in finance and a Masters’ degree in business law and was nominated for ‘Best Family Office Offering 2014’ by Private Banker International. Major Domus FO recently opened an office in New York and is a shareholder in AirBnB, Spotify, Lyft and Palantir.

The ’10 minute family office’ case study will be used to bring to surface both strategy and fiduciary issues faced by families’ wanting to build their family capital platform.

Detailed Information

  • What is a family office?
  • Regulatory pros and cons
  • Why go private?
  • Concept of the virtual family office
  • Charging fees
  • Private bankers vs. advisers vs. salespeople
  • How to engage as an external adviser to a private office
    • The ’10 minute family office’.

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