Fund Economics for Lawyers

The language of investment funds can be intimidating.  Terms like “equalisation”, “waterfall”, “high water mark” and “series” are often used, but also often misunderstood with documents sometimes being drafted in a manner that does not reflect the underlying maths with potentially catastrophic results.  In this course, we will run through some of the basics of how key economic terms of PE and hedge funds are calculated and should be drafted as well as look at some of the market trends in popular economic terms.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Introduction
  • What are the key economic terms in PE and Hedge Funds
    • Waterfall
    • Fees
    • Allocations
  • Current Trends
  • Examples of common waterfall transactions and how to draft them
  • Hedge Fund fee calculation
  • Series and Equalisation drafting and calculation
  • Other key mathematical mismatches

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