#Metoo: Sex Harassment & Discrimination Law in Hong Kong

The #Metoo movement has highlighted the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment and discrimination. Individuals in all professions seem to be affected. Despite regulatory protections discrimination and discriminatory employment practices remain a problem in Hong Kong. The following course will provide information on the anti-discrimination laws in Hong Kong as well as the relevant enforcement bodies and suggestions for employers and businesses to ensure compliance and help to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

Detailed Information

  • Introduction
  • Anti-discrimination legislation
    • Sex Discrimination Ordinance Cap.480
    • Race Discrimination Ordinance Cap. 602
    • Disability Discrimination Ordinance Cap. 487
    • Family Status Discrimination Ordinance Cap. 527
  • Scope and activities covered by legislation
  • Illustration in the employment context and specific issues for employers
    • Types of employer/ employment affected
    • What amounts to discrimination when dealing with job applicants/ promotion
    • What are the exceptions?
    • Draft Code of Practice on Employment
    • Other work related arrangements subject to the requirements
  • Consequence of breaches and enforcement bodies
  • Case studies