• (Live Face to Face & Zoom) Introduction to Family Offices

    Over the years, family offices have been playing an increasingly dominant role in the world of private wealth management. But what exactly is a family office, and should every family have one?

    A family office is in simple terms, a privately held company set up by ultra-high-net-worth individuals (“UHNW) to manage their business interests and investment portfolios with the goal being to effectively grow and transfer wealth across generations. There are many different structures and variables to consider first, therefore careful planning is required to ensure a family’s wealth can thrive over time. This course will provide an introduction to family offices, exploring what they do, the different structures and important practical considerations.

    The speaker will also provide his own experiences and insights on trends in the family office industry. Mr. Grasby has more than 20 years’ post qualification experience in a wide variety of areas predominantly with a focus on private client and private wealth.

    23 Sep, 2020

  • (Live Face to Face & Zoom) Offers on Investments

    With the changes to the professional investor regime, the regime governing selling and marketing and distribution of fund products in Hong Kong have become more and more stringent. This course will provide the latest update on the offers of funds regime in Hong Kong under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and under the Companies (Winding Up and Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (C(WUMP)O) of Hong Kong.

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    20 Oct, 2020

  • (Live Face to Face and Zoom) Listing of Pre-revenue Biotech Companies

    As scientists race to develop a vaccine and novel therapies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, investors are looking into the investment return in biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In recognition of the high demand for equity finance in the biomedical industry, HKEx incorporated three new chapters into the Listing Rules on 30 April 2018.  The new policy aims to allow listing of pre-revenue biotech companies on the HKEx Main Board. In addition, a new secondary listing route has been introduced for innovative companies listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE.

    Our speaker will walk you through the new listing rules in Chapter 18A and the respective guidance letters issued by HKEx. The course will give you a good understanding of the regulatory framework of biotech company listings.

    30 Sep, 2020

  • (Online Via Zoom) Family Trusts and Family Harmony – Can a Family Trust Help to Preserve Family Harmony?

    Asian families are starting to wonder why the trust structures they have set up have not been sufficient to help maintain harmonious family relationships. The reason for this is actually simple. Whether there is family harmony or not is a question of the culture of the family. When a family sets up a trust structure, this might be helpful in that it does provide for the potential to have clear roles & authorities.  However, there is a saying that “culture will always eat structure for breakfast”.  Creating a trust structure is not sufficient by itself to impact on the culture of the family in a positive way.

    Therefore, what are some practices that families can put into place, with the help of their trustees and their advisers, to increase the chances of having a harmonious family culture?

    When thinking about this question two useful references which will be relied on in the webinar are: (i) Family Wealth Keeping It In The Family by James E. Hughes Junior and (ii) Family Trusts, A Guide For Beneficiaries, Trustees, Trust Protectors And Trust Creators by Hartley Goldstone, James Hughes and Keith Whitaker.

    11 Dec, 2020

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