(Live via Zoom) BVI Limited Partnership Regime

The BVI’s new partnerships regime with the enactment of the Limited Partnership Act, 2017 and Limited Partnership Regulations, 2018, creates a modern regime for new limited partnerships (“BVI LP”). The main features of a BVI LP are that it allows a partnership to have a legal personality and is an attractive and flexible vehicle for private equity funds, joint ventures and venture capital investments, as it provides the legal capacity and flexibility to transfer interests or admit new investors.

This course will provide considerable insight into the regime and how it affects companies and individuals. Our speaker will walk you through to identify the main features, advantages and how to register a BVI LP, followed by a discussion on the implications.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • What is the New Limited Partnership Act
  • Key Features
  • Registering a New Limited Partnership
  • Transitional Provisions

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