An Introduction to Initial Public Offerings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

There have been a sleuth of IPOs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange where companies are raising capital. Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements in order to achieve a successful listing is crucial. This course provides an overview and practical guidelines in relation to the legal and regulatory aspects of an IPO in Hong Kong.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Overview of listing activities in Hong Kong
  • Why List in Hong Kong
  • Principal listing criteria on the Main Board
  • Core requirements
    • Financial standards
    • Track record – under what circumstances can it be waived?
    • Minimum expected market cap and minimum number of shareholders
    • Public float
  • Pre-IPO preparation
  • Pre-IPO restructuring
    • Financing arrangements
    • Continuation in management / shareholders
    • Acceptability of overseas issuers
  • Issues & considerations for PRC listing candidates
  • Prospectus drafting & verification
  • Sponsor’s due diligence – what do they have to do now?
  • Application procedures and documentation
  • Offering structure & underwriting
  • Responsibilities / liabilities of directors
  • Recent developments in listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


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