Competition Law and Practice Update

Hong Kong’s competition legislation empowers a government authority to investigate possible infringements and the courts power to penalize companies that use collusive or monopolistic tactics and safeguard a fair and free economic environment. This course will examine the role of competition law in Hong Kong, the scope of the prohibitions, and the establishment of the new Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal. Recent cases and practical considerations will also be examined.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Introduction – backdrop of competition law and rationale behind competition policy
  • International models and their influence on the Competition Ordinance (CO)
  • The Competition Ordinance – key provisions, the two “conduct rules”, enforcement etc.
  • Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal
  • Case studies
    • Television Broadcasts Limited v Communications Authority
    • Newspaper Hawker Association
    • Competition Commission v Nutanix Hong Kong Limited & Ors
    • Loyal Profit International Development Ltd v Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong
  • Outlook

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