Trust and Succession Planning

Trust structures are frequently employed as a tool for succession planning and wealth management. What is the difference of using a will vs. trust for succession planning? What are the other available structures for wealth management? What are the features of different types of trusts and who should consider using it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a Hong Kong trust? This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the issues to consider when using trusts for succession planning and will also address many frequently asked questions of private clients who are considering setting up trusts.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Holistic succession planning and use of the toolbox
  • Use of trusts compared with other tools e.g. Will, insurance, companies
  • Choosing the type of trust
  • Parties to the trust and their roles
  • Choice of jurisdiction for setting up a trust
  • What are the important trust documents and clauses e.g. – define the beneficiaries, trustees duty and powers;
  • Letters of Wishes
  • Cross border issues and considerations
  • Acting as trustee – remuneration and best practice
  • Some commonly asked questions, e.g.:
    • What if the settlor wants to retain some degree of control of trust assets?
    • How to minimize risk that the trust be attacked as a sham arrangement?
  • Case studies and recent developments

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