ICAC Investigations and Prosecutions

The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is active in investigating a wide variety of potential bribery or public sector conduct-related offences, as well as (in some cases) where such potential offences touch also on allegations of more general commercial fraud. This seminar provides an outline of issues surrounding the investigations and prosecutions of such offences.

Detailed Information

  • The ICAC’s investigation remit
  • Dealing with ICAC Investigations:
    • Search warrants
    • Witness and suspect interviews
    • Arrest of suspects
  • From investigation to prosecution
  • Relevant offences
    • Public sector bribery-related offences
    • Private sector bribery-related offences
    • Bribery involving overseas elements
    • Public sector conduct-related offences
    • Other offences

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