ISDA Negotiation Tips for Fund Managers

No one managing a hedge fund can afford to miss this seminar!

The aftermath of the financial tsunami has brought about fundamental change in the way ISDAs are being negotiated, especially with the increased awareness amongst fund managers of the credit and other risks associated with counterparties and prime brokers relationship. This course will give an overview of the background concerning ISDA as well as detailed run-through of the ISDA documentation architecture and—most important—how to negotiate a Schedule for specific transactions.

Detailed Information

Highlights of the course include:

  • Why enter into ISDA
  • ISDA Agreement Structure
  • Three tenets of the ISDA Master Agreement
  • ISDA Schedule
    • Cross Default
    • Termination Events
      • NAV triggers, key person, material adverse change etc.
  • Credit Support Annex
    • Cleared and uncleared swaps
    • Variation (Mark-to-Market) Margin
    • Thresholds
  • Negotiation Strategy

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